Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Seoul Preparation

Finally finished packing around 8:15AM HST, just fifteen minutes before I had to leave to head to the airport! 
Korean Air and most international flights will allow two pieces of luggage under 50 pounds for free as well as a carry-on bag and a personal item (let's hope it stays that way!). Well, as you can see in the picture, I decided to take full advantage of that~
Things to bring:
• passport with correct visa (exchange students will need to apply for the D-2)
• clothes, shoes, accessories (but leave some space for your foreign-adjusted-style fashion)
• toiletries (I heard they don't really sell deodorant so I brought enough to last)
• some extra passport-type photos (our dorm requires one and I'll be taking my LSAT this December at Yonsei so they require a photo too)
• converter for electronics (& a power strip to make everything easier)
• unlocked cellphone (I simply called T-Mobile to give me the unlock code so I can use my Samsung Galaxy S2 with a Korean SIM card)
You should definitely finish packing a lot earlier than I did but be sure to leave room for things you want to buy and bring back home!

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  1. Good luck Huy! I see all the pictures Jarenn is uploading. you guys will definitely have a lot of fun